Bench Top ring Mill

The Bench Top Ring Mill is a quiet and efficient pulverizer. Designed to be mounted on a work bench, it is a more compact version of the standard ring mill.


The Main Features

  •  Small and compact to fit on a work bench.
  • Very low contamination of samples
  • Low maintenance
  • Noise level less than 80 dBA The Process

Used for pulverizing a variety of material from 1g – 100g for subsequent analysis by instrumental methods or wet chemistry.


Motor power 0.18kW, 3 phase or single phase
Maximum input particle size Recommended 2-5mm sample, 8mm maximum.
Product size Typically 95% – 100μm, samples can be pulverized <75μm
Width x Height x Depth 410 x 510 x 410mm
Weight 67kg
Sample size 1g – 100g
Dust extraction NA
Options NA
Warranty Rocklabs Bench Top Ring Mill is sold with a 2000 operating hours or one year warranty (whichever comes first), covering all parts (excluding wear parts) and labour if used under normal laboratory conditions.

*Head Options:

Carbon / Chrome 40
Carbon / Chrome 100
Tungsten Carbide 40
Zirconia 40

Shipping Dimensions:

Width 665mm
Height 685mm
Depth 610mm
Weight 80kg


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