Gas (LPG & NG) and Diesel (50 place and 100 place)



Construction Cabinet of 2&5 mm zinc anneal steel lined with insulating firebrick. Backed with Superwool insulation board.
Muffle Dimensions 50 place—200m high x 260mm wide x 460mm deep

100 place—300mm high x 480mm wide x 560mm deep

Flame Supervision LPG : Landis & Gyr LME 44 Flame Controller & U.V. Cell

NG & Diesel : Landis & Gyr LFL1.635

Door Operation 50 Place : Counter-balanced, rising

100 Place : Pneumatic rising, Operated by foot control

Temperature Control Electronic, Automatic control 1200C, type “K” Thermocouple
Electrical Requirements The furnace is fitted with a 10 Amp single phase cord and plug top.

Electrical load : 2 Amps for 50 place and 5 Amps for 100 place

Approximate overall dimensions with door open 50 Place—1740mm high x 680mm wide x 1050mm deep

100 Place—2055mm high x 1300mm wide x 1030mm deep


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