Electrical (20/28 place,25/42 place & 25/42 Place depending on crucible size)



Construction Cabinet of 2mm zinc anneal steel lined with insulating firebrick. Backed with Super wool insulation board.
Muffle Dimensions 20/28 place—(Muffle #4) -300mm high x 460mm wide x 580mm deep

25/36 place—(Muffle #5) -300mm high x 600mm wide x 580mm deep

25/42 place—(Muffle #8) -300mm high x 680mm wide x670mm deep

Heating Elements 12 x Silicon Carbide elements rated at 15kW/24kW/24kW, 3 Phase.

Power supply is per a multi-tapped double wound transformer

Door Operation Pneumatic rising, Operated by foot control
Temperature Control Electronic, Automatic control 1200C, type “K” Thermocouple. High temperature alarm, over temperature controller
Electrical Requirements

(Voltage is costumize to destination country)

20/28 Place : 15kW, 3 phase

25/36 Place : 24kW, 3 phase

25/42 Place : 24kW, 3 phase

Approximate overall dimensions with door open 50 Place—1895mm high x 1120mm wide x 975mm deep

100 Place—1895mm high x 1340mm wide x 1020mm deep

168 place—1825mm high x 1410mm wide x 1115mm deep


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