The test process, conditions and results of moisture, ash and volatile matter meet the requirements of the national standard, and the results of moisture and ash content are better than the requirements of the national standard, and do not need to be corrected


Application Area :

It is applicable in the industry such as electrical power, coal, commerce inspection, environment

protection, metallurgy, papermaking, petrochemical, earth probe and the research institute or

quality inspecting organization to test the content of air-dry basis moisture, ash, LOI, and Volatile Matter in the coal. The instrument can also automatically calculate Calorific Value and the content of fixed carbon and hydrogen in the samples.


Technical Parameter :

Temperature control range:RT+10~1000℃

Temperature control accuracy:±2℃

Sample weight:0.5~1.2g、1±0.1g is recommended

Sample number:20samples/time

Testing time:180min/20sampels(classic method),100 min/20samples(quick method)

Power Supply:AC 220V±22V/50Hz


7706A Dimension(mm):630×560×580 Weight (kg) : 90 7706B Dimension(mm):560×560×750 Weight (kg) : 80


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